Tackifying Resin TKM(Koresin)

Tackifying Resin TKM



Chemical Name:  Modified alkylphenol-formaldehyde thermoplastic resin


Corresponding name:  Koresin (BASF)





Amber pellet


Softing point, oC



Heating Loss,%







Properties: TKM is a high and long term performance tackifying resin with moisture proof effect. It has excellent initial viscosity, storage viscosity and anti heat wet viscosity. It is safety in the mixing at high temperature. Soluble in benzene and toluene.


Applications:  It is widely used as high performance tackifier in NR, SBR, BR etc to manufacture tire, conveyor belts, triangular belts, industrial hoses, rubber rollers, rubber boards, lining materials, wire can cables, pads, as well as rubber goods requiring vulcanize with high viscosity. TKM also has the softing and plasticzing function during processing, so can decrease the dosage of processing oil.


The recommend dosage is 2-5 phr. Added at the first mixing step at the temperature above softing point to guarantee a uniform dispersion.


The tackifying effect of TKM is superior to resin 203 and 204, and is equivalent to p-tert-butylphenol acetylene resin.(Koresin) 


Packing: in 20kg or 25kg net poly-ply paper bags.



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